New Beginnings

I guess it’s not a secret that I have sort of abandoned this place. There are a few reasons for this:

1. I’m busy. Yeah yeah yeah….I know what you’re saying…”we’re ALL busy. Man up, Sarah.” And I hear you. But when I work 9-10 hours in front of a computer screen, I generally don’t want to spend more time in front of one when I get home.

2. I have grown weary of the Twins Internet community, and sort of the Internet in general. I have not made this a secret. As a people, we’ve gotten jerkier on a whole, and I don’t like it.

3. I have tried to spend more time trying to make a difference in the world, and to quote Maria Bamford, “it has really cut into my sittin’ around time.”

However, I’ve decided I just cannot let it go. I can’t. There are a few reasons for this too:

1. I miss it.

2. It’s too good, and there are too many things I’ve written that I adore, to just let it rot in Internet No Man’s Land waiting for comment spammers to descend like vultures on a rotting corpse. If and when it is its time to go, we’re going to give it a proper funeral at least.

3. There are still too many lost souls googling “Nick Swisher Shirtless” each and every day. I truly feel like it is my calling in life to set them straight (Swish is pretty gross, y’all).

4. I don’t want anyone to think I stopped blogging here because the Twins stopped being good. That is not the case. It was purely coincidental.

5. The Twins NEED me. Obviously. It is almost May and I can still count the wins on my fingers. I want to have to take a shoe off, boys. C’mon.

So where does that leave the blog? Good question. I am going to make an effort to not kill it with neglect. But I cannot promise the ability/desire to post with a dependable frequency. I’ll also be doing double-duty and posting at my new baseball-blog, a joint venture with Jen from Lipgloss & Baseball. But I can promise that I will TRY to keep up.

We’ll see. Wish me luck.

-posted hastily via mobile device; forgive any typos/formatting issues please.