CrossFit For Baseball

Everyone is doing CrossFit nowadays.

And that is a fantastic thing. Well, kind of.

I know why CrossFit is attractive to a baseball player–or even many other athletes. The workouts are fast, hard and are generally performed in a group atmosphere.

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That said, as somebody who trains with a great deal of baseball players, I’ve got an unusual view about the requirements of the game, and I believe CrossFit isn’t a fantastic match for baseball.

In all honesty, there are all kinds of benefits of CrossFit. In the past I have written my share of “words” around CrossFit. There are numerous things about it that I do not agree with or approve. But again, I personally think veganism is bizarre, and a few people believe Justin Bieber makes excellent music.

What I Enjoy About CrossFit

They have done an excellent job of creating a bunch of exercises–especially lifting weights–trendy.

They generally set a premium on weights and also adhere to compound moves, which I adore.

It makes people work very hard. Lots of people–as well as athletes–have zero clue of what its like to train at a high intensity.

It is difficult to knock whatever gets people that eager to train.

What I Do Not Like About CrossFit

This size of this listing may rival Lord Of The Rings, but here is a cut down version:

I am not fond of the very low barrier to entry. From what I have accumulated, all someone needs to do to become”accredited” would be to have a weekend program and pay a franchise fee and they are in.

CrossFit’s one-size-fits-all programming version is playing with passion, believing that their courses comprise individuals from all walks of existence to a daily basis.

There is a valid absence of evaluation happening, without a suitable method for development and regression. This changes from box to box, however it is a widespread issue.

This Is an Issue for Baseball Players

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The issues that I have with CrossFit use clinically to anybody who participates, however they’re especially problematic for baseball players. (Find out about CrossFit’s accident prices.)

Baseball players are famous for being loose, and which includes its own advantages and advantages.

On the 1 hand, laxity assists gamers toss tough. His laxity enabled him to possess a mad layback, or outside turning, inside his arm, and that aided him to toss over 100 miles off.

On the flip side, this sum of freedom has to be controlled securely. When it is not the athlete dangers an accident.

That is precisely why in Cressey Performance, we are fans of employing the Beighton Laxity Scale. It assists us”monitor” our athletes to specify whether they’re stiff or lumpy. If a person scores between a nine and six on the exam, it is a safe bet they are hypermobile and might require additional attention to detail in their own programming. Sadly, this is something that CrossFit seldom –if ever, offers.

Worse, the total amount of stress put on the elbow is equal to dangling a 40-pound barbell onto a series in the hand into the floor. Therefore, the shoulder needs to take care of some substantial forces throughout baseball players. Adding pressure to it at the weight room may exacerbate any difficulties and quicken a possible overuse injury.

Taking an athlete who’s hypermobile and under pressure from pitching, and requesting him to take part in workouts which involve high-rep Olympic lifts and kipping Pull-Ups (among other questionable approaches ) isn’t a smart use of training period.


In a game where shoulder stability is forfeited for greater freedom, CrossFit isn’t a risk worth considering my own opinion. Some others choices exist which may offer an identical training impact.

In the long run, CrossFit has many positive aspects, and it is an OK match for a number of people. But given the distinctive requirements of baseball, it is not a fantastic match for baseball players.